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      Good day video aficionados –

      First and foremost, I want to apologize if this topic or one close to it has been posted. I know how annoying repititious postings can be. I have looked through over 50 post under low light for some answers, but I need some assurance. $1500 – $2000 may not be much for you big Video spenders out there, but thats the budget I am dealing with.

      So here is the deal.

      I own a music production company and need to record some footage on my artist. These videos will be used to post on the Internet, using Flash in most cases. They will also be used for DVD press kits.

      The videos will be shot in the studio while recording; shooting concert footage; and other live performances, which means there will be a issue with lighting, particularly at concerts.

      My budget is $1500 – $2000.

      With that said, what are your recommendations? I am looking to purchase by December 24th.

      I pieced together some recommendations from other post on this forum and it looks as if the census is Sony makes the best camera for low light conditions, is this true? The second choice is Canon (GL2) and third is a Panasonic.

      Thanks in advance.

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      Recording concerts always has lighting issues. Unless you can have complete control over all aspects of the lighting, your best bet would be the Sony VX2100. This cam will shoot better in low light situations which will probably happen a lot.


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