Video stuttering after rendering with new video card

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      Hi I’m new to the forums. I’ve been searching for about a day now trying to figure out this problem. What I think it could be is my new video card I just got.

      I just upgraded my video card from a Nvidia 9500GT to a AMD Radeon HD 6450 because I had a fan problem with my old video card. I took it in to a computer place, and they swapped it out.

      The version I’m using is “Sony Vegas Pro 11″</b>

      The past two days since I got my computer back I’ve been trying to render a video for a video game. Whenever I try to render out a video it has a crazy stutter or “lag?” Words really can’t explain so I uploaded it to my youtube page as unlisted so you can see. I cut most of the video off since its the same throught out the 12minute long video. About 14 seconds into the video behind the Camaro you can see the treeline in the background starting to move very fast til about 1:10 into the video. You could skip to 1:10 where its stutters very bad to the end of the video.

      I’ve never change my settings with the recorded footage or Sony Vegas settings. I also reinstalled Sony vegas thinking it could be the problem but its still the same after rendering another clip.

      Any help will be nice since I’m very lost right now, and pretty confused on this. If there is anymore info you need just ask because this is very strange.

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      I have the same card make sure all the drivers for card are installed.

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      Did updating the drivers work at all?

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