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      Hello all, Im new to this forum. Im a video student looking to buy a camcorder. I was leaning towards an xl2 but then i was not sure if i should go with an HD of the bat.should i spend the extra money and get an HD camcorder? if so any suggestions. Also any suggestions to what a good laptop would be that can handle mutli tasking and multimedia. Such as software like Final cut and such. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks again guys.

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      You’re not going to learn anything more just because you have HD. You want something with professional features, such as XLR connections and manual controls. The XL2 provides this. Don’t be one of the chumps who think HD will make them better. Learn the techniques.

      If you’re thinking about working with Final Cut, then Macs are your only option. If you want a laptop, then go with the Macbook Pro. While the Macbooks are still very nice, they’re not as capable as a Macbook Pro.

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      “Don’t be one of the chumps who think HD will make them better. Learn the techniques.”

      Amen to that brother!


      If you’re new to editing, stick with Final Cut Express not pro. Learn the basic controls and basic editing techniques with FCE because FCP will blow your head up if you’re learning from scratch. You can always upgrade later after you’ve built up your chops. Learn how to shoot and edit first on DV preferably with tape based gear as it will save you money on the short end. HD will still be there when you’re ready for it!

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