Video streaming how to? and a camera choice for such ?

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      Hi fellow editors.I have been asked set up quote on setting up a basic video recording studio within a small company.
      The client want everything in the quote from lighting to camera and tripods.
      The client wants live streaming of the video content also.

      2 questions.
      Can anyone recommend a suitable camera for this?
      As the client wants to be able to operate the camera themselves with no background experience I thought the DSLR thing would be a little complicated.
      I was thinking a point and shoot with an audio input jack.

      Secondly.. Can anyone recommend a tried and proved live streaming software?

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       What is the application for the output?  If they are going to be shooting instructionals with close-ups and fast motion, the camera requirements are a bit different than they are for doing ‘talking head’ 1 or 2 shots.  Also, what are you thinking about for audio?  Will they be free from intereference with unshielded cables, or will they need XLR?

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      Hi there and thanks for your reply.

      The talent will just be talking heads and the output is HD embedded into the clients website.

      The audio I am thinking is straight into the camera jack via a 3.5 mm cable. Something like a rode video mic on a boom or table top.

      The reason I think we need to stay away from separate audio capture is for the fact that it will be live streamed and the operators of the equipment are not professionals.

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      I’d be very curious to see the responses here as well as I may be doing something like this for the organization that I work for and you sound like you are in a similar situation (budget wise) as I am.


Viewing 3 reply threads
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