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      My 13yo son has been using an old version of Pinnacle Studio for a few years now and I wanted to upgrade him. I purchased Photoshop Elements 7/Premiere 7 for basic editing, but then found that he was interested in Adobe After Effects (CS4). My question is … would he still need to use Premiere 7 (or similar) as a basic editor prior to using After Effects? Or does After Effects also provide for the basic editing. I’m confused.

      Obviously SW isn’t my thing, so I would appreciate the feedback.


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      From what I know from taking to some VFX guys after effects is mostly for… well after effects. I persoonally would wait till he is mabe 16 or so for after effects. I don’t have it but i’ve seen it before and it’s relly complex and it’s at a price of $999. Also adobe has a free trial.

      Good Luck!

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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez


      After Effect is a incredibly powerful effects software. The learning curve is high and I believe that some basic video editing and graphic design experience will be useful. I recommend that your son start learning about video editing first (play with camera angles, editing techniques,etc). Tell him to subscribe to this forum, read Videomaker magazine and make his own mini movies. He will need to learn the basic techniques of editing before jumping to After Effects. After Effect is not for the soft of heart, you can get extremely frustrated with it and video editing/productions are to have as much fun as you can have. To answer you question, he will need Premiere for video editing and After Effects (like BZL mention) for after effects.

      Good luck and always, motivate your son in what he is doing (Passion and motivation is a key element of the video maker)

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      Thanks for the replys. He’s been making some decent entry level stuff with stop motion, and also with animation (ToonBoom). He get’s around pinnacle studio fairly well but really wants to add effects and tweak things.

      I appreciate the insight.


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      I agree with Sarge. AFX is the mega-deep-end for compositing software and there’s only one that goes way deeper than that called ‘Nuke’.

      For a teen I would suggest Adobe Elements (Premiere & Photoshop) or Sony Vegas Movie Studio. They won’t cost you an arm and a leg and they have some good intermediate tools for the kid to learn. Before you get anything, make sure his computer meets the basic system requirements to run the software.

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