Video size compared to quality?

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      Hello. This question applies to all video editing software. I am looking to buy an HD Gopro Helmet camera, and I already have a Canon Vixia HF10. Coming up in this winter, I am going to be filming and editing a very big video in mycommunityof Extreme Pogoers (sounds lame, I know, haha) and we are going to have anadditional2 HD cameras and another HD Gopro. Editing will be done in Vegas 8, with some additional shots composed in After Effects for things Vegas can’t do.

      All of the HD Video cams look crisp and clean, while the Gopro shots are sort ofblurryand softer. I decided to render in 720P, rather then 1080. Will rendering in a lower resolution make the Gopro footage look any better, or is there any way to make it look better, Rather then just having it as blurry as it is, but smaller? (If that makes any since)

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      Simply lowering the resolution of a given video file is not going to make it look better. Once you’ve already filmed it, it is what it is, for the most part anyway. Once it’s done in 1080i, there’s not much sense downconverting it, unless you’re uploading it. 720p is not interlaced, and 1080i is. 720p60 will look smoother in motion than 1080i.

      Downconverting anything is not going to make it look better, though some computer players seem to have a “preference”, andWILL playback certain resolutions better.

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      Actually, you will indeed see a crisper picture the smaller you go. It’s the opposite of scaling video up and getting a softer result. I often shoot in 1080 and edit SD. Looks awesome.

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      @XTR-91: Thanks for the input. Not that it really matters, but all will be filmed in 1080p, not 1080i.

      I guess technically it would be likeRe-samplingin Photoshop. I am really new to this whole HD filming thing. haha.

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