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Hello, I have 6 images. All of them are of size 1000x580. But, when I try to make a slide show of the pictures in Premiere and export the video, the size of the video is not 1000x580. It is something entirely different, with black margins around the video.

How can I have my video the size I want?

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Are you saying you want 1000x580?

There are a fewdifferent ways to make a slide show. The easiest way is to set up a new project using one of the preset sizes. You know your images are an odd size right? You might want to select something like 720x480 if you see that option. Or you can, on export, do some cropping. See the help files about that.

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Where are you planning to show this video? If on a television, standard definition (NTSC) is 720 X 480 - High def up to 1920 X 1080. Why do you want 1000 X 580?

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A standard definition TV set can only display video at 320x240. This may have changed - maybe the correct statement is "Most standard TV sets can only display resolution at 320x240". Many people get stumped by the fact that SD video is 720x480. Digital standard definition video is 720x480, while any analog SD picture display is 320x240. The standard for television display and broadcast has always been 320x240, and hasn't changed since then, except with flat panel displays.