Video shooting related accidents

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      With the rise of video popularity and devices that can capture video (e.g., mobile phones), I can’t help but wonder if we’ll see a rise in video related accidents. This eye-witness video on CNN (produced by amateur Ace Anderson, 10 years old) is one of those instances that makes me think about when is a good time to shoot video. My gut feeling is that video camcorders can be a distracting tool/toy, whether it be in dangerous conditions or typical environments. I wonder how long it will be before I read a headline on CNN that reads, "Driver crashes into mall while video blogging on cell phone." Well, maybe never, but some people (Ace Anderson excluded– I don’t think they were chasing these tornados down, at least I hope not) certainly put themselves in a lot of danger when their shooting something or trying to get attention on YouTube. What’s a good rule of thumb for shooters?

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      Safety Bob

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      When driving, keep your knees on the steering wheel and both hands on the camcorder at all times. (This is a fake reply. Ignore it or else. Real reply below.)

      You make a good point Safety Bob,

      My rule to live by is: Do not shoot video and drive at the same time. Moreover, if you do this with your eye/attention on the LCD or viewfinder, you will crash today, tomorrow at the latest. This could result in the death or maiming of yourself or others, in addition to thousands of dollars in repair costs and possible jail time. At the least, you will have excruciatingly close calls (and you might not even know it). Better to change your hobby to video games if you want to play with fate.

      If you gotta shoot and you are the driver, pull to side of road, just as you do (required by most jurisdictions I believe) to allow ambulances, fire engines, and police vehicles to pass safely.

      Passionate videographers who feel they need to be ready to shoot from a moving vehicle in case of Martian attack need to travel with a designated driver.

      REGARDS … TOM 8)

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      Standing up through the sunroof and operating the boom-cam is a great thrill! If you feel the need for an adrenaline rush, this is it.

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      I’d bought a set of lights, luckily with glass safety screens and was shooting an interview with someone and I’d placed a light directly above his VERY bald head to help seperate him from the background, 4 minutes into the interview the bulb blew and filled the interior of the light casing with white hot shatter bulb- I always tried to use safety screens aferwards! One story about bulbs exploding and the disasterous effects they can have. We were doing an interview with Barbara Waltes and Mrs.Thatcher (the British PM) in 10 Downing Street, We were told to hire satefty matts from Samuelson’s (The British film company that suppliers EVERYTHING for making films. Apparently a BBC crew had been in the previous years, set up their lights on a priceless carpet given by the Chinese Empress to Robert Peel in the 1800’s, a bulb exploded and threw burning parts of it deep into the Ming Carpet and the carpet had to be sent back to Tensing in Chinia to get parts of it rewoven. So we used largefireproof mats to place outr lights on. Bob Dutru (retired network cameraman)

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