Video Shooting My Sleep Patterns

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      I am using a camcorder to record my sleep patterns. I am doing this because I have noturnal epilepsy. I am a rookie at this. What I would like to be able to do is keep a private video diary of my seizures. These will be anyhwere from one minute to five minutes videos. This way I will take my laptop with me to see my neurologist and discussthe seizures and medication levels.I started doing this May 30, 2008.

      Can anyone advise me on the best camcorder and best laptop that can be used for this specific category?

      I almost destroyed my laptop today due to myediting the videos and having an external hard drive purchased last week. Still overload, so like I said I wish for advice on a laptop formaking videos and a camcorder for use in the dark. If possible, prices ranging from high, medium,and thehighest low price for the laptop and camcorder I can use with low lighting. I use my current jvcon a ten pm to 7 am recording.

      I know practice is required.

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