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      Would someone Please help me with how I can speed up my rendering. I use premiere elements 9 and am working onediting a play which is 1 1/2 hr long. When I render it is taking over 35 min and more to complete. I just upgraded my videocard to a 1024mb geforce gt 440. I have 8 meg ram and I am using win 7 home premium64 bit with a intel i7 920 @ 2.67GHz. Is there something I can do to speed this up? Also when moving cut clips around elements is locking up on me. Any help would be appreciated.

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      If your RAM is only 8 MB then there’s probably where you could best improve your rendering speeds dramatically by significantly upping your RAM.

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      In your preferences in Premiere, see if it has a section for processors, if it does, bump it up to 3 cores for Premiere. A lot of the time memory does not slow us down as much as how much processor power is allotted and how fast our hard drives are.

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      Well it sounds to me like you need to make a decision.  We all go through the same thing.  Other than your graphics card.  It sounds like you might have a computer that'll pull the load.  Go check out Adobe and their new cloud applications.  If you're really serious about this, for around $50 a month you can have access to all of Adobe's products, including Adobe premier Pro's CC Photoshop, illustrator the whole mess.  The problem you're having is that you just don't have enough RAM to do the work.  Also, your software is very much lacking.  I know this is not much of a help, but it's the truth.  Before the cloud came along.  You had to upgrade the software at around $300 a pop, which gets expensive.  One thing that you might try decrease your work area on your timeline to just the areas that you need to render if possible.  That way you can do your rendering in small chunks.

      John Henry

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