Video rendering and graphics cards

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      Moab Man

      This is a question I have been pondering and can argue both ways.

      How much does your graphics card play a factor in rendering speed, or any of the processing involved, when editing your video in Pinnacle, Sony Vega, etc…

      In my mind I seem to settle on the idea thatthe processors are the key. Where a graphics card is more the visual display when I am watching a game or video of some type.

      Thank you for the input.

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      From what I have learned, the rendering process relies pretty much solely on your CPU and some of the RAM. This is why it’s important to get a mutli-core high Ghz processor if you are going to be doing a lot of video editing.

      Everything else while you are actually editing, watching,and/or previewing the video relies on both the graphics card and CPU. If you are using adobe CS5 with the Mercury Playback Engine a lot more of the stress is put onto your graphics card (if it is within the reccomendations of Adobe) while previewing the video.

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      Moab Man

      That is what I thought. Thanks for the input. I’m running a quad core machine but always looking for ways that you can tweak and improve.

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