Video Quality Critique… Does This Look Ok To You? How Can It Be Better?

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      Besides the obvious fact I need to learn how to “work” the camera. I’d like to figure out how I can increase the video quality here Recorded with a Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro for a mac. Recorded into Quicktime or Camtasia for Mac, edited with iMovie and Exported to Vimeo/Viddle/etc as a .MOV file.

      What suggestions can you make for equipment, lighting, background, etc. to make this a more professional appearance… besides… “getting rid of the goofy face and look at the camera stupid…”

      I’m looking for as high quality video as I can get on a budget. I thought the Logitech looked fine but the framerate, even at 30 FPS seems a bit slow. Ideally I’d like to shoot in HD direct to the mac through firewire and using the audio on the board direct to the mac. Any ideas on a cam that would work for that on a budget?

      Thoughts on what can be done to improve this would be greatly appreciated.

      If I went from the logitech quickcam vison pro for the Mac to a miniDV would that make a significant difference or would the next logical step be HD?

      Do they have to be DV to interface with the Mac via Firewire? I want to use board audio not built in mic and the only thing I seem to find are miniDV that interface that way.

      I want the process to be as simple as possible. The fewer steps the better. I don’t want to have to import video, etc. Post Prod needs to be simple to. Ideally, shoot with lower thirds in place and upload/convert.

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      The image quality is fine. As you mentioned, getting off of your face as much as possible would help. may as well be an audio podcast otherwise. Your voice is great but you did not cut away to anything that I saw (I could not hang with the whole clip). If you mention a sponsor, go to some footage or at least a logo. Maybe some web inkage?
      I’m thinking going audio only with this is your best bet. Again your voice is great and I saw no need to make it more time consuming by polishing video for this.

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      Grinner, thanks for the note. I appreciate the information. I’m still learning the production techniques. What I’m really looking at doing are screencasts to teach my clients various aspects of the software they are using… and to promote VoiceOver and On-Hold work. I still need to work on the audio quality a bit more.

      So, as far as video goes, glad you think it’s useable.

      What would be the next logical step up to do these types of screencasts and live video streaming to UStream, etc.

      MiniDV, or is there a pro-sumer HD out there that I can send audio from my board into or mix in the mac via a Firewire interface from the camera to the Mac.


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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      yeah, any prosumer HDV camera would be fine. I have a Sony FX-1 and love it but I don’t see the need for the expense in this case. At no time did I think poor quality watching your video… it was lack of content that had me clickin’ away.

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