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      Quickly grabbed my camera (GL2) to video an awards ceremony for someone and for some reason the quality is not that great for the video and camera. You can see what looks like pixels especially when the two people walk in front of the camera and on the guys clipboard/paper he is holding. It just does not look clear like my other videos have.

      Now I have filmed snowmobile videos and other videos before and they turned out really good. For some reason, this one was not so good. Any ideas on why this would be? It was exported in PPCS3 to the AVI file.

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      what were your shooting settings? were you shooting on Auto? If so, and you were in a dark room, your camera may have boosted the gain, which makes for a grainy image.

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      I would ask this question. How does the video look if youplay itback on the camera? If it looks OK there then maybe there was something set wrong during the capture process.

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      Looks fine on the little LCD screen. I did not try playing it back connected to a TV or computer yet.

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      What were your camera settings durring the recording? The more info you give us, the more we can help.

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