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      I’m looking for a few good books on fundamentals of video making (lighting,sound,camera,etc.) nothing to specifically focused. Any good recommendations?

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      If you’re looking for the basics without any high-end tech lingo, try “The Little Digital Video Book” by Michael Rubin. You can get it on Amazon for around $13. I use it to teach my basic video students. If that’s where you’re at it’s right up your alley.

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      There’s a HECK of a LOT of valid, affordable and useful reference and resource materials right here at Videomaker. Wouldn’t hurt, really, to peruse what this place offers.

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      There certainly are a lot of books. I concur that “The Little Digital Video Book” is a must. You could add to the list, Videoshooter by Barry Braverman.

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      I also think these forums, as well as VideoMaker magazine and the website are a huge boon for those looking to further their craft or just be better hobbyists. I have learned much here over the past few years and hope to continue to do so.

      If, however, you want to learn about the aesthetics of the craft of editing, Walter Murch’s “In The Blink Of An Eye”, while not a How-To, gives wonderful insight into the art of editing

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      Hi, this is kathy video making website and magazine, this blog also gives huge amount of information. Thanks for this kind of information.I’m looking for business oriented video making books please suggest me what type of book I can have.


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      I agree that Videomaker has a good book, I’ve given it as a gift twice! I recently read Video Shooter, 2nd Ed – Storytelling with
      HD Cameras – Barry Braverman – Focal Press (2009) and found it quite informative & interesting how a field videographer has to be adaptable. The same is emphasized in a book I am currently reading Better Location Shooting; Techniques for
      Video Production – Paul Martingell – Focal Press (2008) but this author is a stickler for lighting – quite interesting how authors differ and merge.

      For Kathy who is looking for business oriented video, all the books will provide some interesting insights to videotaping in doors, the ‘typical’ business CEO type thing. But the term ‘business’ can be taken in quite a few ways. It could be commercials, or ‘how to’s’ etc. whoever the ‘audience’ is is the way the production goes. For instance, a video to play at the shareholders meeting is quite different from a message from the President that says’ we just merged and we have to get along.’ I am sure you will find a rich cross section of forum member experience on this site if you articulate a specific need or example.

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      Hi Kathy
      I have not come across a book dealing specifically with videography for business.
      It is a given that you should really know your videography – this is covered in many books and here on VM.
      There are many ways to market your services to business (see Earl’s blog Word of mouth is important so join your local chamber of commerce. Hand out your business cards.
      You need to understand business and what their needs are. For some thoughts on video in business see my article

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