video overlay problem in premiere 6.5 with Canopus DV STORM XA

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      using intel 965wh mother board
      cor 2 duo 2.3
      ati radeon x1650 512 mb ddr2
      Canopus DV STORM XA
      2 GB DDR 2 RAM

      premiere 6.5 works perfectly with above config except video overlay problem
      preview not coming

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      First off, have you tried rebooting and re-installing Adobe Premiere 6.5? On certain occasions, small conflicts can happen within the copying/extracting of files. Also, check the system requirements that came with your software package. Fast processing power (speed of processor) is one of the biggest keys to good editing experience.

      May not sound like a huge deal with any new computer, but can dramatically affect the amount of power the editor is given to generate video – might be your preview problem.

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