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      Enjoyed Morgan Paar’s “Video 2 Go”. I’m already using a lot of video on the web but I have some questions beyond the article. What is the best format to stream in if you want it picked up by RSS? Do you have to use one of the main formats hosted in your own server? Ihave been using which accepts wmv and others and convertes them to flash and hosts them on their server for streaming. There are limitations. The user cannot “download” the file as with wmv or mov etc. Other sites that do a similar approach with more bells and whistles for “communities” are,, and seems a good option but for best results mpeg4 is suggested (not a problem). But the easy “code” for posting in a video blog is not there as it is in places like and Maybe some of these questions will be more obvious if you take a look at my blogs. The flash videos play in set windows in the blog instead of a pop up window outside the blog. For some reason, I like that. But it seems to do this with a feed from google of mpeg4 is cumbersome to set up for each post. I know this will get easier as systems are developed but I wonder if there is anyother experienced person who would like to add to this discussion.

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      Glad to hear that you’re making video for the web. Your point about viewers’ ability (and inability) to download videos is a good one. Some video bloggers who use Flash also have videos stashed away in another format (wmv or mpeg), elsewhere in their blog.

      I’ll forward this on to Morgan.


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      Of course an even larger issue is the ability to take advantage of RSS when the video file is feeding from a separate server in flash. It this is possible, I’d like to know how, but for the moment it appears to be a non-option. Any comment on this aspect is appreciated as well.

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      I have tried to upload and distribute videos through
      It’s not perfect (still Beta version), but has it’s own advantages: it’s free, no limit, easy to use for your customers, etc.

      FAQ Video

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      hosting and converting

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