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      Does anybody stream their video on the web? I have a client that wants little clips of a promotional video we made put onto his website, and we have no clue what to charge him. This is a commercial venture (hunting club and resort) and there is a lot more work for us in the future with him and others like him. I am just outputting it to a .wma file, after doing a little more editing to make a short clip, and having the video open in another window, embedded into an HTML page (so our “skin” looks like his site, not the silly old Windows Media Player skin).

      Should we charge by the second, minute, clip? Any ideas, guys?

      Thx… Lucy

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      True, I know I won’t be truly “streaming” until the time comes for the need for a streaming server.

      Great, thanks for the answer, my hourly rate is good and I think it’ll work for this.

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      Flash Video MX is a easy-to-use yet powerful software to convert your video to flash, I suggest you try it.

      and there is a good news for you, Flash Video MX will be depreciated because Christmas day coming.

      Good luck!

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      Yes, I know I have to get that… but doesn’t Flash make a much larger file? I tried to bring the clip into flash and then save it as a flash movie, but it was many times the size of a plain WMP file (although i’m sure it was much higher quality). I just ended up putting one-minute clips out in WMP format, and although they don’t look so good, they’re there and hopefully will make the viewer more curious so he/she will request the full-length DVD from the website. If you want to see them, they’re at, click on “See the Video Clips.”


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      Have you ever tried Flash Video MX, I think you should be satisfied with it.

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      Check out my site. I use flash to "progressively stream" video through the flash player. The clip on the home page right now is 10 minutes long. Did you have to wait to see it? No buffering, no wait.

      Not only that, you can custom design the interface to be whatever you want. The million dollar question is how do I do that. That might cost ya. πŸ™‚

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