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      Looking for suggestions on setting up an overhead camera for a cooking demo. Want to ensure that the audience of about 100 will be able to see the demo. Was thinking of using a background support system and somehow mounting a camera to the crossbar – then have the camera go into an LCD projector for a live feed. Any suggestions for a better approach? Any ideas of how to mount the camcorder to the cross bar?

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      I can’t say i’ve done a cooking show before but two things came to mind. A cooking demo I’d seen live that used a a mirror over the kitchen area, angled at 45 degrees, that allowed the audience to see the cook and see the prep work AND it allowed the steam from the pots to go up and out of the way. Maybe a camera is overkill.

      But, if like the man with a hammer who thinks everything looks like a nail…you think this looks like a good video project…When you place the camera overhead make sure you remember the steam and heat factor.

      Mounting a camera…hmm, I think I’d try to find some way to support my camera on a tripod. Once, for a needed ‘birds eye view’ shot I duct taped my manfrotto tripod to the top of a high (stable) ladder and sandbagged the ladder to ensure it wasn’t tippy.

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      bogen/manfrotto superclamp + ballhead

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      Depending on the layout maybe a 12′ Jib Arm. If you are in a studio with enough room above the cooking area you can go off axis to stay out of the way. Then just zoom in. If you are off to one side make sure you set up cooking ingreeients, utensils, etcto not block the view. I have worked on a cooking show and for the first season they had an HVX mounted with a clamp just off to one side looking down over the cooking area similar to the one DOn suggested. It doesn’t need to be right above just plan out the cooks moves accordingly. And make sure if you use the clamp to use a safety tether like a chain or something similar.Unless CCD’s are in the ingredients!


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