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      Is there a good, but cheap video montior you can use on set?

      I have a Canon GL2. Can I hook that up to a regular computer monitor, or do I need something special?

      Is there a cheap wireless solution?

      I want my director to be able to watch the monitor and not the LCD on the Canon GL2.

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      I went to Best Buy, purchased a brand new 25 inch TV set (with a/v in/outs) for $60.00 and used it. A simple A/V cable from my camera location to the TV set and voila – it worked fine.

      The nice part about the 25" set is that I could be the cameraman or director and see the image (and framing/composition) right then and there and make any lighting/sound adjustments accordingly.

      An extra benefit is the actors (interns) could see their performance immediately afterward and I could discuss changes or the like RIGHT THERE … and it was only a $60.00 investement less the cost of the A/V cabling expense (about $20.00 more).

      At the end of the entire shoot, and since the actors were not being paid (interns), I raffled off the TV set to the actor pool and someone walked away with their 15 minutes of fame and their slightly used 25" set.

      Worked for me.


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      a 25 inch tv for 60.00? are u sure?

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      [quote="ishootparties"]a 25 inch tv for 60.00? are u sure?[/quote]

      As sure as my credit card was charged … the big six oh.

      I walked into the local (new) Best Buy and they had these APEX TV’s for sale at 60 bux, about 400 of them to off-load. I got number 340 of the 400 (it was marked that way) and it worked fine.

      Funny thing .. I just upgraded all my TV’s to flat screen (LCD) and sold both of my 10 year old TV’s for 60 bux each.

      Regarding the NTSC thing – yes, I agree – but using the right combo of talent behind the camera and good editing (slight color corrections) I guess I got lucky … the end result looked VERY GOOD.

      I like it that way.

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      Can anything send a wireless signal back to a TV?

      Reason I ask is that our next film is shoot in a heavy wooded area. I fear that the cable will get snagged on underbrush and possibly disrupt the shot or even maybe pull the camera down and harm it.

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