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      I’m offering advice on school-based broadcasting to some local schools, some elementary and some high school. For the past seven years I’ve had good success broadcasting over myhigh school’s cable network using an old Panasonic MX-20 mixer and an even older Realistic sound mixer.

      As an upgrade, I was sold on the Tricaster system from Newtek, but it’s too pricey for the elementary school that I’m talking to. Does anyone have advice for a good basic mixer that wouldn’t break the bank, but a person could buy new? If not, what’s your best advice for used? I know you get what you pay for, and $5000 fora basic Tricaster is cheap for what you get (choice of output format/recording capability/chroma-key/audio mixer/all-in-one solution) but they have a budget of around $3000 for the mixer.

      There aren’t a lot of MX-20’s around now, but WJ-MX50A’ seem to be plentiful used, and can be had for under $1000. I’ve alsobeen looking atEdirol systems as a ‘new’ option…

      Any advice would be appreciated.

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