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      hello everyone I’m new here. I need to know what I need to buy in order to create services for my church. Is there like a mixer that I can connect my two cameras 1 is a mini dv and the other is HDD , I want to be able to record and have it go from one camera to another. Please help me out, I do know how to create videos and put video from my camera onto my pc , but I dont know too much, so all the help I can get will be appreciated.


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      Laird Telemedia Firewire switcher Ltm-DV-4X1
      Will switch 4 firewire inputs
      Works well for me.

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      what is the final recording for? If the idea is to provide DVDs for people who couldn’t come, then 2 cameras through a mixer and record on a DVD recorder would do it cheaply. You could record the output to computer hard drive if you need to edit afterwards, or even to a dv recorder – plenty of choice. This magazine is quite helpful and is free to churchy type organisations – very basic but has good case studies and basic level reviews.

      The only real snags I can see are mainly camera locations – if you have people running the cameras you’ll need intercoms so the person mixing can talk to them. If you run them from the back, even zoomed in fully might not be close enough

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