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      I would like to create my own moving graphic video background loops for PC, but I cannot justify an expensive “Adobe” software to do it.

      I bought an Vegas Pro 8 and about a month later it was Vegas Pro 9. Buying an expensive software doesn’t mean, but one thing…expensive upgrades. LOL

      There are a zillion already built free backgrounds, but the problem is searching takes so much time. I know pretty well what I want to do. A software is really what I need.

      All I need is some recommendations for some softwares that are free or reasonably priced that will do the trick. I won’t need to build background loops often, but I would like to do them myself.

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      Just make em in Vegas. When and if you outgrow that, you can purchase new software and will know exactly what you need at that time.

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      Digital Juice has their Compositor’s Toolkits and their Motion Designer’s Toolkits (I just ordered two of these – Volumes 4 & 5 look amazing – On sale right now for a very limited time for $250 for two). Might be something to let you do what you’re looking for without learning some difficult software and spending some serious time.

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      “I bought an Vegas Pro 8 and about a month later it was Vegas Pro 9”

      Generally, if you purchased an earlier version of Vegas and the next version is released within a month, you should get a free upgrade. OTOH, Vegas 9 is a significant improvement over V8 (in terms of features, that is).

      Anyway, back on-topic – Vegas is versatile enough to make your own looping backgrounds. There’s many, many ways to do it, so start experimenting.

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      There are several looping video backgrounds available for free on my new site:

      They’re available at all relevant resolutions and frame rates.

      Enjoy using them!

      All the best,

      Michael /

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      Great! You can also visit this link here – Video Backgrounds!

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