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      I am new to DVD burning. I have been able to burn video to DVDs but I am getting funny results. First, I have exported video from Premiere 6.5 into Ulead’s Moviefactory 2 and also to Ulead’s DVD Workshop and I have also just captured DV video into these DVD software programs. But when I play the DVD in my DVD player the video has more of a “motion picture” look rather than video. There is a noticable difference between my DV footage that I shot with my DV camcorder and the DVD that I burned the footage too.
      I have toyed around with the settings but still no luck.
      The Moviefactory 2 software results in a DVD that looks pixeled and looks like “film” but the Ulead Workshop just has a film quality about it and is just a little pixeled.
      Anybody have any suggestions as to what might be causing this or have ideas as to how to fix this, or is this normal?
      I burn my DVDs on a Pioneer DVR-A06U DVD/CD writer if this info is needed.

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      Thanks for responding. I have thought about getting Ulead Workshop. I downloaded their trial version. It woorks okay except the finished DVD looks more like film rather than video and the picture quality is not 100% “crisp”.
      I have posted this problem on other forums. I’ve been told to adjust the settings but to this day I have yet to get a good clean burn that looks like video and has a good picture quality. I don’t want to spend anymore money on DVD burning software knowing that it may not work, This is why I tried Workshops trial download first. This has been very frustrating! If anybody can help with other information I sure would appreciate it very much. Thanks.

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