video lighting- HMI vs fluorescents

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      Does anyone have a lot of experience with HMI and fluorescent lighting?

      I am looking for pros and cons of both.

      I shoot still photography also., and would like to get away from the jarring flash.


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      pros for both:

      they use less electricity
      they do not get as hot
      most of them are 5400K

      fluorescents pros:
      usually cheaper than HMI
      Naturally emit soft light (don’t have to use a softbox/bounce/umbrella)

      flour. cons:
      not focusable
      only soft light
      less control over it

      HMI pros:
      emits a hard light (that you can soften with a softbox/etc)
      can focus the light
      more control over light

      HMI cons:
      typically more expensive.
      need to get more equipment to create soft light

      If you need hard light, or fine control over your light HMI is the way to go.
      Otherwise, "flo" lights seem to be pretty good.

      thats my opinion to the best of my knowledge, and I hope it helps

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      After you turn the HMI off you’ll have to wait a bit before you can turn it back on. Regardless of such inconvenience I would go for HMI. From my experience it’s hard to get a clean colour while using fluorescent lights, while HMI makes wonders. What’s the application?

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      My application is interviews, corporate, and some acting troupe work. Maybe an adult feature.

      I’ll have a lot of control over the content, but hate the heat of tungsten. Florida is hot enough!

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      Most Flo’s are spectrum specific instruments and fail to provide the warmth of tungsten or HMI. If comfort is the issue, Flo’s would be my choice. If acquiring the best color saturation is the issue, then tungsten or HMI.

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      I’m newat this, and looking at the cool-lux light. does this work as good as any other light?


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      The cool-lux light is a pretty good light. What exactly are you using it for? “as good as any other light” really depends on the job you need it to do.

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