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      Greetings to all. I have been self employed in an aerial photography business which has been pretty good up until about 3 years ago when with the combination of government waste led to the current economic downturn which killed the commercial real estate business and google earth allowing anyone to download aerial images placed the icing on the cake. As a result, I am soon going to reopen another studio to diversify what I can offer to my clients. The studio will be called Mystic Mountain Studio and I am looking forward to having a place to do inside photography. We will certainly be doing seniors and currently designing a keepsake video program which I think will be quite a draw to getting their photos done at the studio or on location. There are so many others out there that do this type of work, it must be fun and different. I am so tired of working so hard to support government waste. Kinda like being a slave.

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      I’m sure he’ll chime in here, but EarlC (one of the other moderators) is a treasure trove of info about video story telling.

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