Video is missing audio.

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      My Panasonic HDC-HS100 camcorder has it’s own software to transfer video files….they come out as m2ts files. Roxio Creator 2009 will automtically convert it to some mpeg format before I can edit it or burn it to disc.

      For some SICK reason, one file out of several will end up with NO audio…..usually the first file out of the bunch.
      ( all video clips recorded the same day will end up in one folder ). I know that when I change the extension to AVI, I can play the file on my Sony laptop ( Vista/32 bit )…, it seems that the original file’s audio is OK. Since I changed the extension, the file is basically unusable now, you can just play it, you can’t drag it into Roxio…..I still have the original m2ts file of course. Playing from the camera to a monitor displays no problem with the audio & video. I don’t get it…..why would just the first clip be corrupt ??
      I could still use Panasonic’s software to burn directly from the camera to my laptop, but it takes quite a while & I need a dual layer disc for 90 mins. of original video.
      This has happened with 90 min to 120 min. video shoots…..which yield several video clips automatically. It didn’t seem to be a problem with 2 min. clips.
      Re-cap: The original ( 30 min. ? ) video file file seems OK, but, Roxio seems to convert this one clip without audio….where could the problem be ???? It was suggested that I record a short video clip first before the actual recording so “that” practice piece of video will end up with no audio instead of the important footage.

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