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      Hi there

      I have one movie burned in two diferent DVDs and diferent ways. First one is in PAL version and the other is in NTSC. I’ve noticed that the PAL video was better (visual quality) than the other, in NTSC. PAL version was dubbed with portuguese audio, but the other one, NTSC was in english and original sound. So I thought to make a DVD using the best video (PAL) and the original sound (NTSC).

      First I ripped both to my HD using DVDDecrypter. Using DVD-Lab I striped out VOBs to elementary streams (MPV and AC3). I put together that MPV video (PAL) and the AC3 audio (from NTSC source) and expected for result. As you already knew audio and video synchronism had gone… They started well, I agree, but they become far from each other along the time… That it because the PAL framerate of 25 fps and NTSC framerate of 29.97 fps, I thought

      So, I used pulldown 2:3 to change 25 fps to 29.97 fps. Time duration of PAL video is 2h:03min:10s and NTSC is 2h:09min:20s. When pulldown had finished its work the video result is same time duration os NTSC video. Then I said, Bingo, it works! But now I’ve got another problem… DVD-Lab is refusing to compile the result video claiming the vertical frame size. In fact, my project is PAL, with 720×576 resolution, but video framerate is 29.97. Exact words of DVD-Lab is “Wrong video vertical frame size”. If I change resolution of the video or change project properties, the lost of correct proportion may occur…

      So what? Did I make the right thing? Pulldown is the correct answer for that problem? Is there another way to do the job? Is there a workaround to force DVD-Lab to do his duty?

      Thank you all guru guys

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