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      I have to create a video for our football club to show off our facilities at a formal dress night we are having. We havent created a video before but a few of us have played around with various software before so we could piece stuff together. But i was wondering if any of the people here would have any suggestions or ideas as to how we could go about creating this so that we could show our facilities off in the best manner but that peoplewould also be interested in it and as it might be on repeat throughout the night at this event wewouldnt wantit to get too boring or repetative. (if that is possible :S)

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    I’m sure you’ll get lots of recommendations for non-linear editing software (my preference is Sony Vegas but there are lots of other good solutions).

    There are assets you can add to your production to make it look more professional – A good source of these (really good stuff for decent prices) is Digital Juice (

    They have many things like royalty free music (StackTraxx) and animations (JumpBacks, Editors ToolKits, Motion Design Elements, Wipes, etc…) that can add great production quality to an otherwise ordinary video.

    Their Sports Editors Tookit is no longer in production, but if you call them, they might have one left over somewhere. I believe they will be coming out with newer sports themed packs in the future. They still have the Sports JumpBacks in stock: and while they’re sold out of their Sports Staxx ( right now they are expected to restock in the next few weeks.

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    thanks for that i will look into it. ive been lookig at some of the sample work that has been posted up and have noticed some of troys work with brownlow videos etc for the afl. How would you go about creating the crest and the rising up type effect that they have done?

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    Hi Joe –

    Troy is one of the most talented video producers I have seen. He frequents the Digital Juice forums and is very responsive to questions posted to him there. For your questions about how he does his magic, I would suggest you register there (DJ forums) and ask the questions of Troy directly.


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