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      Hello VideoMaker gang,I posted about a week ago but the code was bad – corrupted so I’m giving it a new shot. Let me say I’m a novice not a pro, I do this for fun only. This is the 9th video I ever made. After it finally showed up on the forum with the help of some member I got two responses. One was from this old school dude, stuck in the 80’s the other was more constructive but the guy was riding coat tails. This is not a movie or documentary or a news reel, it is an artistic expression, a new form of paint on video canvas, I know it’s flowed in some areas bit would still appreciate opinion and subjective advice, Thank you!

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      This won has already been critiqued. Apply what you’ve learned to a new creation then learn from that one as well.

      As long as you are always proud of your latest work and embarrassed by the last one you are growing as an artist.

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      I enjoyed it. I really liked the music andmany parts I really connectedwith the visualand the lyrics but some areas I felt disconnected from the song. No real specifics because over all I liked it.

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