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      Quick newbie question:

      If you are shooting video in low light without the ability to add light, is it generally better to:

      a) open the aperture to full and shoot the image darker at 0db and try to lighten in post


      b) is it generally better to up the gain and deal with the noise in post with something like Neat Video?

      PS – I am shooting 1920×1080 at 24mbs on a Sony VG 10 if that matters.


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      IMHO it’s better to shoot at low or, preferably NO gain, and take what your camera gives you. Any attempt to adjust or improve in most cases will result in washed out or ultra-rich coloration with heavy, crushed blacks that unless you WANT the look will come off looking anything but natural light/exposure wise.

      In working with my SD Canon cameras XL1 and GL2, I go with 0db and work with the image that I get rathe than attempting to make it better when “better” is usually going to be a subjective debate. Others, I’m sure, will have opposing opinions. Will be interesting to hear them.

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      I’d say it depends on a lot of things. If your camera is the kind that blurs the image as you gain, then I’d keep the gain down low and then fix it in post. However, if your camera is the kind that just adds noise, but not too bad, then I’d fix as much as you can by camera before editing. This is much like asking the question of whether or not it’s better to pump up the gain onan analog amp or fix it on computer, later.

      You’ll have to experiment with the camcorder’s gain which could make or break your chances.

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