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      Just a general message really. There is a new website that is all about video editing, movie making and all the general stuff, covering most programs, from Premiere Pro, After Effects, Sony Vegas, 3d Studio Max etc… and basically we need some experienced editors to help out with questions and tutorials. There are some moderating vacancies going for anyone that can help out. I’m sorry if it seems like advertising, we am not into competition or stealing members, we just want to have a community of people who are into editing and movie making and generally help out like you do here.

      Anyway, here is the site

      As this is a growing forum, there are few members now. This creates a family-like feeling, with your questions and comments answered quickly by members.

      Join the family, check it out! Much information and cool things on here now, and on the horizon…


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      hey i didn’t realise my site was already posted on here. Good job ryan, however I would like to add that we have changed dramatically since this thread started. We now have an actual website rather than just a forum. Free downloadable video tutorials and a growing member base. The new link is as shown in my sig

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      Just bumping the thread, we’ve gone through some big updates. The site as a whole is

      We have a large number of tutorials for free covering everything from basics of videography to 3DS MAX. It’s a growing community, but still small enough that it’s like a family, we usually reply to posts within a few hours.

      Since we have members well versed in Adobe, Vegas, 3DS MAX, and other programs, there are always ongoing projects where the whole community pitches in to help create – a worldwide collaboration!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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