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      I know this is often an interesting, confusing, well discussed and maybe political type of issue …

      Currently, I use my DSLR (Canon 7D) and video camera (Canon HF-S100) to take video. The HFS100 ends up with .mts files – I was recently converting these to Apple Pro Res 422 files for easier editing on iMovie and Final Cut.

      I want to convert my video files – mostly from the HFS100 to a format that I can in the short term utilize in my video editing and longer term have a logical format to come back and edit or use the files in later months/years.

      This may be more of a ‘best practices’ type of question – what is the best format/file type for this? If I convert, is there any reason to keep the original mts file?

      What is the best short term/long term for these video files – but, especially the HFS100 (mts) files?

      Thank you!!

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      Lets think about the days back when we were recording tape. When you recorded something onto tape, you didn’t capture the tape into FCP and then throw the tape in the trash. That would be silly. You saved that tape…set it on a shelf, stored it in a box, whatever… That way, if for any reason you needed that same footage for Avid, you had access to the original footage, which could be captured into Avid. That was much easier than jumping through hoops to bring FCP-captured media into Avid. Make sense?

      Well now all the latest cameras record onto memory cards. So to future proof your video you need backup/archive each memory card before you erase it. Copy the EXACT contents (maintaining the file structure that the camera creates on the card) into its own folder on a hard drive that is dedicated to your memory card back ups. Backing up the memory card is the equivalent to saving your original tapes. Make sense?

      Doing this will ensure your video is useable in the future, but you also have access to it if you need to transcode anything for current projects.

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      Rob, I could not have said it better than myself. I save all my raw files to a dedicated external hard drive. One of these days when Solid states get big enough I will transfer them to it. That way there is no way of loosing that original footage.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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