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      Firstly, Hi all, great forum you have here.

      Here goes:
      For a while now, I have been responsible for the stills media at a local sports club, and have been asked to look into the feasibility of adding a department dedicated to video media. The purpose of this will be two-fold:

      1) To capture footage of the athletes for coaching purposes e.g. monitoring technique
      2) To provide live game footage for the players locker rooms and media room during tournaments, hopefully with some kind of rudimentary replay function

      Because of the limitations of space, money and the need for portability, ideally this project would:

      1) Be PC/laptop based
      2) Take live feeds from up to two cameras
      3) Have the ability to continually record unedited live events onto external hard drives
      4) While being able to review each play with variable replay speeds via PC, which will subsequently be
      5) Able to feed up to half a dozen (non-HD) screens

      So with that in mind, I would appreciate answers to any of the following:

      Which software would be best suited to the purpose (DVD publishing is not a priority)?
      Would the PC/laptop be capable of controlling and viewing both the feeds simultaneously, or would an external control surface be required?
      Can you recommend a low/medium budget camera capable of live feed and a picture of sufficient quality to be able to slow down and analyse?
      What other external hardware am I likely to need?

      My apologies for such a long first post, but any help will be greatly appreciated

Viewing 0 reply threads
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