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      Im an documetray film maker, been working for several years as independent, making clips and stuff for art(ists).
      I film with Canon and edit with Premiere Pro, After Fx and Avid. I would like to expand and make commercial videos for small companies, different formats, purposes.
      Can you suggest any books on the subject? Im sure there are lots of tricks I should first hear about before I start doing anytging; after all, I dont intend to re-invent the wheel.

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      Thanks for your post. I went to your website. It looks super. Good luck in your video endeavor. Kim X-D

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      A great place to start is or Both are run by solid pros that have been in the industry for many years. My site includes information about how to grow your video business by improving your entrepreneurial and business management skills. Good luck!

      Kris Simmons

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