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      Hi I know I am knew here please check my original post at Fred Miranda forum.
      I am located at north west of Chicago.
      If you need more informations please let me know. All equipment was very light used and it at very good condition.

      Video Equipment For Sale
      Azden WM/T-PRO Handheld Microphone
      $70 shipped


      Azden WMS-PRO VHF Wireless Lavalier and Handheld Microphone System with WLT-PRO, Items

      includes: 1 WMT-PRO transmitter
      1 WR-PRO receiver
      1 EX-503 clip-on microphone
      1 EX-413 handheld microphone
      By all for $110 shipped I will include spare 1 WR-PRO receiver and clip-on microphone


      Bescor PRB-154 12v battery belt with charger purchased 02/03/03 used 4 times only
      $90 shipped included baterry meter


      NRG VARALUX light with one extra projector lamp
      $150 shipped


      Portable Video Dolly
      $60 shipped

      You have 2 weeks for return if not happy.

      Photo Equipment For Sale

      Metz 60 CT1
      I took max two rolls with this flash I used for backup only.(my primary flash is Metz 60 CT4 )

      Item Includes : Sync cord
      Camera bracket
      Battery pack with battery, Charger unit, Connection cable, Carrying strap
      Original instruction manual

      Battery pack was used I needed to switch.I have two of them one for each flash.
      Shipped $350


      Sunpak 555 Auto Thyristor flash unit.
      This unit comes with : MS flash connection cable and box.(cable is for quantum battery and flash)
      Quantum Battery 2 power pack with charger and box.
      PC male coiled cable 5′ long.
      Original instruction manual 60 pages.
      Camera Mounting Bracket.
      Flash and battery are at good working condition.
      I tested up to 200 flashes power was still full.

      Shipped $200


      Sunpak Nikon Dedicated Module (NE-3D) for F3 with EXT-11 Dedicated Extension Cord for Sunpak

      622/555 make an offer

      Metz 60 CT1 Dedicated Module (SCA-344) for F3 with Dedicated Extension Cord
      make an offer

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      make a best offer

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      jozef i want to buy the Azden WMS-PRO VHF Wireless Lavalier and Handheld Microphone System, im new to how to buy things on here but contact me at my email or 419.345.0948 very interested

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