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      Hi Folks:

      Im interested in learning video editing and have been researching now for about a month. I have read a lot about a number if software and hardware products and would like some input if these items are a good start and will cover most all jobs including converting/restoring analog VCR tapes to digital. Ive come to the conclusion that the following hardware items are of good quality. Or am I going over board?

      500w Power Supply
      Motherboard: ASUS P5AD2 Deluxe
      Graphics Card: Pony Quadro FX 1300 128MB
      Processor: Intel 3.0GHz
      Ram: 2 X 512Mb DDR2
      Drives: One 120Gb for system. One 160Gb for Video/Music/Pics
      OS: WINXP Pro

      S-VHS Video Recorder: JVC HR-S9800U

      Time Base Corrector: Data Video TBC-1000

      Software: Avid Express Pro:

      My guess is that all this will cost me about $3200.00. Your opinions are well respected.

      Thank You

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      That looks great! My only advice is to bump up to 2GB of RAM. Check out our DIY2 article – we used the same Mobo

      I would also look into getting Mojo. It adds analog I/O and real-time playback from the timeline back to tape.


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