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      Hi there,

      I use ubuntu 11.04 (linux) and cant find any software supporting MOV file (canon S95). I remember that I had same problem some time ago when using windows platform.

      I’ll be using software for editing diving movies, so I need something powerful but not too complicated… I find iMovie, which accepts MOV file, simple and reliable for this kind of work… Unfortunately, cant use iMovie on Ubuntu…

      Need some help!! I’ve been looking around for some time but no success…

      Thanks in advance!!

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      Hey there Albert,

      I have looked long and hard to find video software for Linux that was mature enough to use for professional video production. You don’t say what type of software you are looking for, but here’s my two cents worth. As a video editor/compositor; Cinelerra is a powerful professional tool, yet it is hard to install properly, and even then all features may not work well or at all on Ubuntu. It does have the advantage of using the Cinelerra authored Quicktime4Linux library which works well on .mov files with lots of codec support. I have used it professionally but with much anguish. Lots of tutorials (no matter what your experience level, go through the beginners tuts as they provide much needed info) and there is at least one repository which has a Debian package and several Ubuntu packages if you look in the Ubuntu forum. I found the best way was to compile my own, it worked better on my PC. Lots of tutorials both video and otherwise on the web.

      Kino will import and export .mov files but will not give you much use other than straight cut editing and some very standard looking wipes, plus a few simple effects. It can be a little confusing on how to use it but at least try it out. When I was working in Linux I used it mainly to capture and to convert files from one format to another. There are some tutorials if you think it’s good enough for the use you’re putting it to.

      Blender has some new editing features if you have the fortitude to go through the learning curve, but the editing feature is rather immature just yet, and a little harder to use than say Premiere. The compositing features available to you in Blender are enormous, but again that annoying learning curve.

      Everything else I’ve used on Linux in the past has had the misfortune of being Windows Movie Maker quality, and perhaps more immature than that.

      Give these a try, you may find what you’re looking for. Hope this helped.

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       On ubuntu the best editor is Cinelerra, its the best option for the ubuntu O/S. Its an advanced editor. A more basic editor for ubuntu is Kdenlive, which is good too. I recommend you get a windows or apple O/S and use for editing. Linux just doesn’t have any really good editing software yet. Most of the avaliable editors crash, have no people that use them that can help you, and just can’t compare to windows and/or apples editoring software.   

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