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      This my fist time to this website, very informative. My wife and I are interested in starting a video editing business in our local area. We would like to offer moving 8mm, vhs, etc to vhs and dvd. We are looking for advice from anyone who might beable to help. Such things as hardware needed, best software to use, etc anything that would be helpful.

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      I am strting a business of video editing myself and I ahve the following recamendations.

      As for what computer you need I woudl recamend a mac They are expensive but thwey are the best for video edting. HOwever if you are just planning on starting out with DVD Transfers a PC will be adequate with the following things

      1. A P4 Prcessor at least 3Ghz
      2. At least 300G of HD space
      3. At least 1 G of RAM
      4 An ATI All-in-Wonder Video Card. (I Use the x600 pro that i purchased separate from my new system on
      5. A VCR that has S-VHS capability and at least 1 s-video input and 1 s-video output and HI-Fi stereo sound.
      6. Pinnacle Studio 9 Plus
      7. A good sound card to capture sound. (my system came with a good 5.1 integrated card)

      That is all you need to convert tapes to DVD.

      Do no go through Home Video Studio INc to get set up. THe minimum investment is $100K and I am getting started for under $1500.

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      Are you going to be doing editing or just straight conversions?

      Panasonic makes a VHS-DVD recorder combo. I’m not sure of the model number. It plays and records DVD to VHS and VHS to DVD. We use one at work to convert VHS tapes to DVD. You can’t do any editing on this. Just pop in the VHS and tell the unit to record to DVD. When the tapes or tapes are done then you tell the machine to finalize the disc which can take up to 15 minutes. Then it can be played on any DVD player. It records to DVD-RAM and DVD-R discs.

      There are also inputs on the back of the machine. We plugged our DV cameras into the inputs and burned DVDs that way as well.

      I’ll get the model number for this and post it later today.

      The unit ran us $488.

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      Compusolver has this one nailed.

      I would start with all my old tapes and edit them for different effects, like a highlight film or story telling. Story telling could be collecting all the footage with Grandma & Grandpa to make a tribute for their 75th anniversary etc.

      Next volunteer to do some freebies for friends. The less you know of the subject, as in a strangers wedding, the more difficult the task. You will know when the results start being worth money.

      Good Luck.

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      I have been doing edting for a great while now. I have to admit it took a long time to just learn pinnacle Studio. But through great trial and error I have finally learned the program. In fact I was asked by a local school to produce a DVD of their christmas program. I took two videos of it as well as pictures of the program and mixed the video together, added some special effects, and dreated my own credits reel. It turned out great and I expect for it to generate many sales for me. I got 60 order for it. And the school only has about 85-90 families.

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      In agreement with “compusolver” and “drifter”. It still takes a good while of trial and error, not to mention hours of study to edit properly. I must admit, your school video was a great step. I used to record High School Band Concerts for Audio Cassettes, then CDs. Once you’ve recorded them for this year, you’re done until the next one and the new eventually wears off in the booster club. Not trying to burst your bubble, but that won’t make it as a business in the long run. You will be looking for bigger and better paying projects before too long.
      Pinnacle Studio is a great piece of software but for professionalism, it won’t hold a candle to Adobe products. If you ever plan to edit for commercial purposes, you’ll need hours of reading and tutorials. Those names you see in the credits at the end of a tv production or a movie, that have ACE behind them didn’t get there by doing videos of school programs alone. Not being testy. But I have put two boys through college with degrees in Video Production. One of them has passed the ACE exam in both Premiere Pro and Photoshop. I’m working on the study course for Premiere myself.

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      3 years after… Hi, feuz1. Are you still there? I mean, did you start your business… what happened to your ambitious?

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