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      I have a very large collection of home videos in VHS format. I recently bought the canopus ADVC110 capture device to convert all the tapes to digital format.

      The device came packaged (for some extra dollars) with Pinnacle Studio 14HD. The first impression was good but quickly I gave up on using the pinnacle software as it crashes too much and without any obvious reason to do so.

      Therefore I am looking for alternative that would be powerful and STABLE. However, I am having a hard time deciding which software to choose as there are many programs available.

      Which software do you think would be suitable?

      I would like to emphasis that I want to get professional results and I don’t mind to read a book if needed to understand how the program works. Also, money is not an issue (up to 500$) as long as the program delivier a stable experience, great quality and some nice effects (DVD authoring ability would be a bonus).

      Thanks in advance,


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      Hi Poao

      I suggest you pessist with Studio 14. I have used Pinnacle Studio for many years and by and large found it to be a good editing program. Visit Declic Video web site for more help on using Studio. The problem may be your computer rather than the software.

      Good luck


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      My recommendation is Sony Vegas Studio. You can download a free trial at

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      No matter what program you choose do not forget to pay attention to the recommended specification for a PC to run such software. Depending on how old it is your PC could be underpowered for the software package and could be the cause of your crashing.

      Most editing software list two levels of minimum specification, one for processing Standard Def and one for processing High Def. With VHS, Standard Def should be fine but you might want to look at supporting High Def to give you a little more head room and a better editing experience.

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      Thanks for all the help.

      @CraftersOfLight as I mentioned earlier I am only editing SD videos.

      My computer specs are much better than the minimun (and even the recommended specs).

      4GB of DDRII 667 RAM, 1TB 7200 64MB hard drive, Intel Core 2 duo E6400 2.83GHz, nVidia GeForce 9800 512MB.

      So I don’t think that the problem is from the PC with pinnacle. However I must say that when the program does not crash it seems to be very good.

      I got a recommendation from a friend of mine about a program called Mediachance EditStudio 6. I downloaded the trial version and I am really liking it. I don’t know why the program is not well known when it’s giving me a professional results while being very easy to use yet advanced enough (at least for me). However, the most important thing is the stability (I am using the program for two days and it have not crashed!).

      Any thoughts? have you tried it before?

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      Hi Poao

      Your computer is OK by the sounds of it, although some extra RAM would not hurt. Sony’s Vegas software is known to be stable, easy to use and powerful. I would recommend the entry level Movie Studiowhich under$100 from Amazon.


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      Give AVS 5.1 a shot. Try it free then if you like to for either 59 bucks or a year for 39 bucks updates that is. They include a ton of other cool programs like Audio Editing. I tested all the programs on the download demos and tried AVS and liked how clean it was to use.

      Feel free to ask questions. They have a forum and easy to get ideas to the developers


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      Like I’d say to everyone, I still recommend Sony Vegas Pro 9 – DVD Architect Pro should come with it.

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