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      Hi All,

      Am new to the forum and new to the world of video editing. I have a project in mind but I want to make sure I get the right software to achieve what I am looking for.

      Have recently installed a PC in my car which I occasionally take to the track. I plan to install 2 or 3 cameras linked to the PC, 1 facing forward, 1 backward and possibly one facing the driver.

      Initially I am looking for some software which will allow me to produce a video with the front camera as the main image with the other 2 images embedded, but with the ability to switch the images around at times of interest. I figure this should not be hard to do with most video editing software available.

      However, I also have a cable which will pull data from the car, things such as speed, throttle position etc. It generates an excel file with constantly updated values which are also time stamped (to the millisecond level). I want some software which will allow me to create animated objects based on this data which I can layer onto the video. For example I want to create an object similar to an analog speedometer and animate it to show the actual speed of the car time synced with the video images.

      I work in the control automation industry creating control systems for power plants, oil rigs etc and think the creation of the objects and linking to the data will not be too difficult as long as i can find some software that can handle bringing all the aspects together.

      Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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      would it be easier to mount 3 small hd cams that use sd cards and do all the assembly in post? just a thought…


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      From your description I presume you wish to do this in real time with the incoming video from each of the cameras. Is this correct?

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