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      in vegas , lets say your editing a music video and while your editing u can listen to the sound track to match the lipmovementsto it .. i am wondering can you do the same or is there a way to do the same in After Effects ???

      please help!

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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      Yes it can be done, but is a little more difficult because you need to RAM preview every time you want to review part of the footage. Basically you import the audio file to After Effects timeline, open the audio waveform and move the waveform accordingly to the lip movement of the video. If you possible do the lip synchronization first in Vegas, export the clip and animate it in After Effect later.

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      Not sure I’m going to say this right but after a while you get to be able to “Read” a waveform a bit. You will be able to position it close by eye and then preview to check. With a 64 bit system its not much of a issue in cs5 or 5.5 to preview as it is much faster. So it really doesn’t work much different for me anymore like it used to on a 32 bit system.

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      Before editing a video files you must save a backup copy of original files. This may be lost due to unexpected system behaviors such as power loss, application error, hardware problems and etc. At that time only video recovery software helps you to recover your video files and then you are able to access again you video files.

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      Richerdey – I don’t see how this relates other than as a blatant ad (I removed the link).

      Sony Vegas is non-destructive in it’s editing, meaning that no matter how you slice/dice the clip on the timeline, the original is kept intact.

      As rule, it’s always a good idea to keep two copies of you raw source anyway – if you don’t use tape (which is it’s own backup), burn it to BD-R or an external HD until you’re done with the project, and even then, I archive the source footage near-line (BD-R or external HD) for a couple of years anyway.

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      i am also facing the same problem but now i have adjust it after searching form Google

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      thx guys bt the “position it by eye and then check” its muchsloweran weary so if thats the only way to edit an cut music video in after effects i think i am goin to stick to sony vegas an do my intro an such in after effects. bt thanks for all the pointers.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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