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      Hi there

      I am a total beginner, creating amateur videos.

      I am using a Sony Handycam HDR PJ30VE which shoots footage in AVCHD format.

      In view of the fact that I do own or have access to a Mac, what is the best software (as affordable as possible) for editing (or at least trimming) the raw footage, as quickly and efficiently as possible, but without losing quality at this early stage.

      To save valuable time, I want to send only the best scenes to an editor.

      All advice much appreciated.

      (I’m based in the Midlands, UK, btw)


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      Hey CLF,

      If you’re a beginner and you’re using a Mac, you can’t go past iMovie. The pros may disagree and point you at Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere, but IMHO the learning curve is way too much for your (or my) needs.

      As an example, I edited the following video on an iMac and posted it on youtube within 3 days of picking up iMovie 11 for the first time.

      Whenever I got stuck on how to accomplish an iMovie 11 task, (slowing down video, merging audio, applying titles etc) I went to youtube and typed in the query. Stick with it for a couple of weeks and you may not need an editor!

      Good luck from Japan

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      Thank you so much Wombatguy, you’re absolutley right about iMovie.

      BUT – I meant to say that I DO NOT own or have access to a MAC, so I’m equally glad for your reply, as it made me realise the critical error in my post!

      So I guess “what is the PC equivalent to iMovie” may now be a better question…. πŸ™‚

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      CLF –

      Windows comes with Movie Maker and it might be sufficient for your needs.

      If not, try Vegas Movie Studio – Easy to learn & use, powerful and less than $100.

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      Thanks Bruce – I’m reinstalling WLMM now as it’s never managed to start on my PC (always had an error!)

      Then I’ll check it out, and if not try Vegas (makes sense if the hardware and software are manufactured by the same people I suppose!)

      Much appreciated


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      Corel Videostudio ProX4 Ultimate $59.99 through Corel cheaper through outlets such as Amazon. It will do everything Wombatbuy video. I am not affiliated in anyway with Corel – however my son uses it exclusively to produce football highlight films. He was able to use it right out of the box with no training and no issues. There are many – VideoStudio, Moive Maker, Magix, Pinnacle, Vegas are just a few few of the better known in that category.

      Video Studio ProX4 Ultimate is not a bad deal at all at $60.00.

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      Clf, I believe that the camcorder that you have comes with PMB software ( Sony includes it on the disc the comes with the cam). This works on PC but not Mac. See if that does enough for you,’trimming raw clips’. Keep shooting.

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      I would recommend WMM 6.0 instead of WLMM

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      Although it’s not my software of choice, Vegas has my vote, since it’s got an upgrade path towards a more professional NLE should your skills grow beyond your software’s means.

      Adobe Premiere Elements is another great option, for similar reasons. Both Vegas and Adobe have industry support, excellent forums, and online tutorials to help you get up to speed.

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      Hard to beat Vegas Movie Studio 11 Platinum about $30 in various places and it comes with DVD Architect too.

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      free mts/m2ts converter from pav, I found it in apple store. For baseic trancoding needs, you can use it .

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