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      Hi Guys,

      I been trying to get my video footage onto my PC for a few days. I decided to record it on to my Camcorder(DV Tape) first. I connected the Camcorder (NV-DS38) to my VCR(SLV-SE810). I used a phono to AV on the camcorder but nothing seems to record on to the DV tape or even show up on the camcorder screen when i press play on the VCR? Im sure my camcorder had AV in and im sure my VCR had it out. It has 2 scarts and the phone holes at the fron too?

      Any help would be great?
      Kind Regards

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    What kind of cable are you using to connect the vcr to the cam? There should be one that came with the camera.

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    yeah it is…it’s just AV one end and the Red,White and yellow the other end.

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    There’s probably a setting in the camera to tell it to accept analog input. Look for that.

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    There is a great saying in the world
    If all else fails – read the instruction book!!!!

    Sorry, do not have that model camera, but with the last three cameras that i have used I have read that through the “Menue” you must tell the camera to “copy” Once you have done your copying you have to turn that feature “off” otherwise you cannot record through the camera

    I guess yours will be the same. Look for “video copy”

    Now remember, the instructions books are delivered with your camera for a reason.

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    Just another thought.
    Why do you want to record to DV tape first?

    If you want to put it on the PC you can just run it straight from the VCR through the camera connections. The camera will convert the signal to digital format. Plug the firewire into the camera and PC and you will be able to capture without the need to copy it to DVtape and for goodness sake do not use USB connections from the camera to the PC – your just asking for problems

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    Thanks for your replies. I have indeed read the instructions. I turned on the av in feature in the menu etc. I also tried going straight into my computer where i have pinnacle and it didnt work. I used a firewire for that coming out of the DV port on the camera into the USB on the computer.

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    You cant possibly have fire wire connection to camera and down to USB on PC
    It must be either mini usb on camera to USB on PC or dv on camera to firewire on computer.

    Check video input (software) in pinacle capture.
    What video editing program are you using?

    Forget about videtape deck for the moment.
    Can you download DV from camera to PC ?
    IF not, then you have a problem with either your leads, or your video input selection within your prograam.
    Again check your settings for your video capture input.
    If you can capture, then from camera to PC is okay
    Look at you connections from the tape deck to the camers – Are you connected correctly. Are you connected to video out?
    If still no joy and you are positive you have the camera on the right input setting try a different set of leads frrom the tapedeck to the camera.

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    sorry i meant i have dv on camera to firewire on computer.

    I have Pinnacle Studios 9. I have no problem going from Camera to PC. I have all my DV tapes now on the computer just a probelm that i want my VHS Video tapes on pc too.:-)

    I have set my camera too AV in. Should i see a picture on the Video Camera if it was sending a picture from the VCR correctly?

    I have posted a link to my VCR to make sure it is able to send AV out?it should do.


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    Interesting problem! I’m just throwing this out there because this happened to me once. Besides that’s what these posts are all about… sharing with others about the dumb mistakes you made in hopes that others will benifit from your lack of insight (aka: reading the directions)

    Is the lens cap off? LOL Just kidding!

    When you are trying to copy your footage from your VCR to your camera, where do you have your camera set too? VCR <or> Camera? On mine I have to have it set on VCR even though you’re technically recording. I also had to change a setting in the menu to AV-in.

    Don’t rule out a bad set of plugs or a poor contact connection somewhere either.

    BTW: The tape in your VCR isn’t a store bought movie with copywrite on it… is it? If it is, it might have the good’ol Macrovision or CSS copy protection on it which throws up a copywrite flag to your camera so that it won’t copy it.


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    I did a Google search on the deck to figure out what your hook-ups are. Took 20 minutes to find something descriptive(!)

    Here’s my thought; according to the web site, you have S-Video connectors. If you have the S-Video out hooked up, but plug in the composite cable video out , the video out may be defaulting to S-Video. You will have to disconnect the S-Video out to enable the composite video output. I have a deck that does this, so I speak from the hair pulling experience.

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    Thanks….so it’s more and likely the Video Player then? because i brought VideoXpress the other day and it still doesn’t work. I t has an analogue to digital converter box etc and software even though i have pinnacle but even changing the settings within the programmes it still didnt work?

    Kind Regards

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    Anyone have any ideas?

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    Youll have to go with a process of elimination. These are just some ideas and obviously I have no way of knowing what you have all done thus far so keep that in mind

    I noticed from the link pointing to your VCR that the prices were in English pounds. Are you sure you have the broadcast settings correct? NTSC/PAL. I would imagine they would both have to be the same format.

    Im going to assume that you can watch a VHS tape on TV using your VCR deck. Are you hooked up to the TV using this scart (Im not familiar with) connection or the analog connection? (yellow, red, white RCA plugs) To rule out that this scart connection doesnt have a priority setting over the RCA sockets, I would hook up the VCR deck via the 3-color RCA cable to your TV and see if you can watch a tape. Make sure nothing else in plugged into the deck. This will confirm that a signal is indeed coming out of your deck VCR through the RCA cable which will then rule out your VCR deck configuration being the problem.

    Now confirm that your AV cable from your camera is OK. I would just plug the 3-color RCA plug in the proper INPUT ports in your TV (Thats IMPORTANT!) and then the pin end into your camera (AV). Put a DV tape in your camera, set camera to VCR and hit play. If you can see recorded video on the TV with sound then your cable is OK so we can rule that out that as being the problem.

    Now lets try and reverse the rolls here. Take the RCA cable and plug those into the “VIDEO OUT” on your TV. Leave the pin end in your AV socket of your camera. Set your camera to AV-IN. Just so you know, there is a difference between AV-IN and DV-IN. In case you have both, you want AV-IN because youre dealing with analog. Because Im not familiar with your camera, you would either set the camera to VCR or CAMERA. Your directions should tell you what to do. They should also tell you if you need to hit the RECORD button or maybe the PLAY button. On one of my cameras (Sony DCR TRV-70) I have to set the main switch to VCR and then go into the touch menu on the LCD view finder and touch a button there for the analog record feature there. You should be able to see whats playing on your TV through your camera LCD screen. If not there might be a setting that you would need to be enabled for monitoring an incoming signal on your LCD screen. Check for that. If you see the picture, then you need to see if you can record that picture. Until you succeed in doing this I wouldnt even mess with your VCR deck yet. If you can eventually record whats on your TV then you should just be able to take the plugs out of your TV and plug them into your VCR OUTPUT RCA sockets and it should work. Just press play on the deck and whatever you pressed on your camera to record the TV show. It should still work!

    If this doesnt work then I have no idea what it could be. I would think about maybe using a sludge hammer to fix it. X-D

    Double checks:
    – Remember that YELLOW is the video out of the 3 colors on your RCA AV cable.
    – Make sure all tapes are loaded and NO locks are enabled on the tapes.
    – Make sure all plugs are in the whole way!
    – Go with household power versus battery power on your camera.


    PS: Let us all know when you get it! Might help someone else out!

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