Video Delivered on Thumb Drives

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      I’ve delivered video on a USB drive, Thumb drive, flash drive whatever you want to call it. There’s upsides and downsides, mostly having to do with cost of delivery and the clients’ willingness (or not) to pay a premium for this method.

      Have any of you delivered video product on a thumb drive? Care to share how you did it, what you did, or your secrets/resources for doing so? Any issues such as capacity, capability for playback etc.?

      I have an article about this on my video marketing and production blog at E.C. Come, E.C. Go – if you want to read my views on the matter of non-DVD delivery formats, specifically the ever popular thumb or keychain USB drives.

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      I have delivered programming solutions on both thumb drives and portable hard drives – CompUSA has 16GB thumb drives for $20 and CostCo has 1 TB portable HD’s for $100.

      Although, you can put 25 GB on a data BD-R for about $1 (if you buy a spindle full) which is very cost effective.

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      Actually delivering on a thumb drive is pretty smart and economical. Now obviously you wouldn’t deliver a Digital Print on one because of the file size (unless they start making 250GB or bigger thumb drives.) But for a single clean MP4 or MPEG2 ready for the web or DVD transfer it’s perfect. The main issue would be how the client would perceive getting their deliverable on a Cruzer Drive! You’d have to sell them on the idea of it saving money vice burning it to Blu-Ray or coughing up an entire hard-drive. Except for serious techno types, people who are aware of USB drives don’t consider them something a pro would put a deliverable on. I put entire presentations with video on one and offload it onto the host machine. When I’m done, it’s a quick stroke to delete it from their machine and I’m off to the next with my cruzer around my neck.

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      Just about anything that will fit on a thumbdrive is easily deliverable on my mobile me account.

      I can dump it onto my idisk public folder, sync it, email them a time limited link with passcode and they got a set amount of time to download it.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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