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      I just got Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5, and all was well until…I realized it only captures HDV or by firewire!!!! I have an analog video camera and this is a big problem for me!!!! I’m ordering a PCI firewire for my computer. Does anyone out there know of a device that will take in analog video/audio(thru those yellow/red/white connectors) and put it to your computer thru firewire. As I am on an EXTREMELY limited budget anyone with advice for something that can do this for below $100 would be really helpful and appreciated.

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      Hold your horses! You don’t need Firewire for analog capture, unless you use an A2D converter such as the Canopus ADVC series, which captures analog signal though S-Video or Cinch and delivers it to the PC using a Firewire port. Otherwise, what you need is a capture card with S-Video and Composite inputs. For $ 100 you could get the Pinnacle Studio AV/DV or something similar, or take a look on eBay.
      So find a device that fits your needs, and budget, and post back for more advice.

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      Thanks a lot! I’ll keep that in mind.

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