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      I just wanted to tell you folks about a wonderful experience I had over the summer encouraging people in my local area to make a short engaging video.

      I created this video about Marmots 2min video + (if you hang tight for a moment) 4min encouragement afterwards.

      and then, with the local nature centre, ran a contest for short videos. I also conducted a little mini-course and was thrilled with how many people attended.

      The contest closed last Friday and we have just announced the winning entries which was a family project and was made by two 16 yr.olds

      they’re GRRRRRRREAT!


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      So, I went to your site found that it started right out of the gate. No load up time and a full screen that didn’t look crunchy. If it weren’t for the fact that I was studying the video instead of the content about nature I would have left. But I’m glad that I stuck around to see how you made the peice. You covered just about everything one would need to know how to make a video. I’m sure you have tried other locations for VOs. I have found recording in my closet allows me to isolate clean sound and then add to it in post. Over all I thought it was a great episodeforMr. Rogers Neighborhood. That’s a complement; this was after all for people who need the “How to make a video for dumbies”.

      Now onto look at the other sites you posted.

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