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      Dear Members

      I have a new problem while capturing video from my DV video camera. Usually 15 minutes of capture by windows video maker will generate about 250 mb size file. Recentlywindows video maker started malfunctioning – the programs hangs off after 10 seconds capture. Possibly due to the fact video compression is not working I guess. so I have downloaded and tried so many other softwares. All of them are generating huge file size of about 60 to 90 mb per minute. So it appears to be something wrong with one of the drives of the computer. Can any one advise me what could be the problem and how to fix.Or suggest some Video Capture software that can handle the video compression more effectively. Thanks & regards, Kiwisri

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      what format are you attempting to capture to? dv to windows avi files are roughly 13 gigabytes per hour, so 15 minutes would be roughly 3.3 gigabytes. If you are trying to capture to the computer and simultaneously compress to mpeg2, the computer may be overheating because of the huge load you are putting on the processor. If you haven’t opened your case and blown out the dust bunnies, do so, and ensure that your cooling fans are working properly.


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