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      Hey everyone,

      I came here because I’ve spent endless hours researching this topic and so far have had no luck. I’ve done numerous tests and so far the best I’ve came up with so far is pretty much the MainConcept AVC/ACC (MP4) Codec, 640 x 360, CBR @ 1,200Kbps for HD video streaming. I’ve played with the On2 Flix Pro, QuickTime Pro (mine doesn’t have the H.264 option available for some reason), and recently messed with ProCoder 3. I’ve encoded the same video using all of them and the ProCoder 3 seems to be slightly better using the H.264 codec, but I’m still not satisfied. WMV 9 codec in Sony Vegas has by far exceeded all of them, but it’s not near as flexible of a format as the flash formats.

      What I’m trying to figure out or achieve is video quality like that of Facebook’s video. I’m astounded by the quality of my HD videos when I upload them and Facebook converts them.

      Can someone give me some really good and helpful tips for achieving much higher quality video, which codec ranks highest (I’m using Sony Vegas), and what is the best method for a target of around 800Kbps – 1200Kbps datarate streaming video.

      Whoever solves this riddle for me I will forever be in debt to. It’s hard to believe it’s so difficult finding any sort of compression guides online that is targeted for streaming video from one’s own web server.

      Thanks in advance!

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      What I have done is render out MP4 with the following settings:

      SD: Project settings:

      Video settings:

      Audio settings:

      HD: Video settings:

      (Project and Audio settings are the same)

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      I’ve had good experience using AVC MPEG-4 for compact high quality video (other than most players don’t support it). I’ve heard of AVCHD, which my editing softwaresupports. AVC-HD is probably something similar to AVC MP4, only the fact that it encodes in High-Definition.

      If AVC (Advanced Video Codec) is not an option, I would recommend trying WMV, which I also had good experience with.

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      I guess I didn’t really clarify what I was asking. I’m wanting to stream video over the internet off of my server and encode them myself. I’m wanting a datarate no higher than 1200Kbps and my embedded resolution is 640×360. I want to stick with a flash format (MP4, FLV, F4V, etc.) because they are the most universal formats.

      Do I need to encode the videos to 640×360 or use a larger resolution for my source and shrink it with my embed code? (I think that’s what Facebook is doing). And what suggestions for very good quality from HD-sourced video do you have for encoding them for streaming?

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      Maybe take a look at Sorenson Squeeze.

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      Some video editors allow you to choose the specs (videorate, audio rate, etc.)for the specified video format which you decide to save your video.

      For Flash video, you should do some researchfor software that embeds video into SWF (Shockwave Flash Object) formats or software that will convert your video to FLV.

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