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      How and why does video/cinema make a difference in society? Free enterprise? How powerful IS this medium in your opinion? Why?

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      on average a movie gets one to two hours of an audiences undivided attention.

      Seems like a great way to tell a story and also push an agenda or point of view.

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      such a big question Earl! I began writing a few things and decided to scrap it all and just say; how and why video makes a difference is complicated, How powerful? Very. Why? It uses the two senses we communicate the moist in but I think this is one of those ‘the whole is more than the sum of it parts’ kind of thing. And the parts! Well the parts can all be gauged on a scale of abstract to concrete. And that, to me, is what makes working in video interesting, it’s a phenomena worth exploring.

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      Society as we have known it since the maturation of the film television industries would not exist in its current form without movies and video. The very ways we see, ourselves each other and the world around us is reflected on the big and small screen.

      All those famous people we all like to talk about for good or ill would be all but unknown if it were not for modern media. Sports stars, Actors, Actresses, Reality TV ‘weenies’, pundits, directors and so on are nothing these days without their video clips and soundbites.

      People like us who do this kind of work make it possible for famous people to be ‘famous’ and for their audiences to see them. The theater, TV, computer and now the mobile device are the new ‘campfires’ we gather round to get information about the goings on of our fellow humans. These mediums are so powerful they have all but replaced the old ones (i.e. newspapers and radio.)

      So how does the two medium make a difference in our society? I contend that they make ‘all’ the difference in that they link us together and can move us (for good or ill) in ways and numbers unimagined by our ancestors.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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