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      Hey there talented people of videomaker!

      I don’t know if this is the appropriate place to post my query…but since this is church related, i might as well post it here…

      anyway, my concern is this…we’ve started video recording our church sermons two months ago, it’s doing pretty well…we’ve been using Canon XL-1 and an ordinary PC with a firewire card to record. We have 20 videos already (including wed prayer meetings) and cataloging them manually is tiresome and time consuming. I was wondering if there is a software that can store video files and catalog them at the same time…more like a library type of program.

      hope someone could help me!

      thanks in advance!

      Teedj of Manila, Philippines

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      The Best Video Organizer MPG files
      Everybody needs a good video organizer
      Like this one. Easy to catalog all those clips. Easy to sample and play Random segments.
      The catalog info can be displayed in LARGE font along with the video clips. The non-linear access (start here – play to there) requires no editing and the mess of clips that results. Just the originals.
      Video cataloging is completely different from Pictures. There are many segments in a video that may need explaining; from the perspective of shooter. RAW video doesn't include the whole story. And you can seldom verbally explain things on the fly. So large text with the video is the answer.
      Yup! Video without commentary! Its relevance is soon lost to time.
      Here is an example of some of the replay capabilities. Slo-Mo, play again, resume speed, Large Font (48 point) ..Next Random set.
      For those that don't have mpeg video files – too bad. You'll have to wait for the NEXT re-write

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